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#do you ever think about how bad jim’s insults are though #he’s impetuous and kind of a jerk and yet there’s no real malice in him? #even to someone who tried to embarrass him in front of dozens of his peers as spock did #the best he has is ‘pointy’ #that’s literally as bad as we see him get #which is why his pure and unadulterated //venom// when he addresses khan later on #when he’s caged #sticks out so much #//that// is real anger #because the one thing that will make jim kirk truly dangerous #is when a threat is posed to his crew #and he might be cute and clever and cocky and all these things #but kirk when enraged over a threat to his people? #that is certainly not someone i’d want to mess with (tags via sweetfleet)

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Because of feminism i will never find this show funny again. There goes my childhood

Are you actually serious? Yes, Johnny’s character was a grade A douche bag, however all the women he went after were hot as fuck and yet put him in his place and beat him up for the lewd things he was saying. This show was fucking hilarious and promoted women acting out against chauvinist pigs, such as Johnny. Not once did the women ever fall for him, showcasing that women are to be strong and take NO shit from any man.

Get your shit together, qurl.

Not to mention his mother was cool as shit.

what about the werewolf chick


and the deer


people are fucking stupid as fuck 

The werewolf chick was so used to dudes running away she would take anything she got, same with the “deer” he met online. Both examples of women who are so desperate for companionship they would be happy with a complete and total douche like Johnny. (Even though if I remember correctly Johnny treated both of them better than anyone else ever did, because deep down Johnny Bravo was an okay dude he was acting the way society taught him to act.) 

And wow there was a whole EPISODE where Johnny got turned into a woman and has to endure catcalls and street harassment and being belittled to just a face and a body and basically was like “is this what you girls go through?”and like lead a revolution of girl power and kickassary.

So bye

omfg this show

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